SUSI0011 Hippos (Susita), 6th century CE. Mosaic. Dedicatory.



Ἀβ[β]ᾶς καὶ ἀβ[β]ᾶς Πέ-
τρος, ὅτι αὐτὸν ἔκ-
τεισαν τὰ δύω
μετρίδα τοῦ μ-
αρτυρίου τούτου.
Father Theodoros and father Petros (sc. are remembered here), because they themselves founded/built the two μετρίδια (?) of this sanctuary.

Staab and Eisenberg understand this church to be a martyrion dedicated to Theodoros Tiron of Amaseia. Because the inscription faces east, one has to face away from the sanctuary to read it. Staab and Eisenberg suggest that this "might be due to liturgical convention, assuming that the priest entered the church in some pro- cession, stepping out of the adjoining room and first ambulating through the side aisle around the nave." During this procession the inscription "would have been oriented towards the direction of the priest’s gaze."


H: 54 cm.; W: 71 cm.; D: —. Letter Height: 6.3 cm.

500 CE to 599 CE

Hippos (Susita), Galilee. Southwest Church (Burnt Church), Northern aisle.
In the eastern edge of the northern aisle, "4.40 m west of the chamber (pastophorium) doorway." Faces east.

Not Available

Tabula ansata (Framing the inscription)

('IIP-867', 'insc', '2')

('IIP-867', 'insc', '2')

('IIP-867', 'insc', '2')

    IIP-867 insc. 2 )

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