JERU0027 Judaea. Jerusalem. 20 BCE to 70 CE. Soft limestone ossuary with chip-carved ornamentation. Funerary.


of Martha

The ossuary has low feet and a flat, slightly overhanging lid. Ornamentation on the chest's front side consists of a two metopes in zigzag frames, each containing a six-petalled rosette within a zigzag circle. Broadened triglyph contains a plant with base of tiny triangles, ivy-leaf top and eighteen tendrils. The name is inscribed throughout this ornamentation like so: Μ and Α in either of the upper corners of the left metope, and Ρ in the upper right of the rosette therein; Θ and Α in either of the upper corners of the right metopes, with Ϲ in the upper right of the rosette therein.


H: 28 cm.; W: 61 cm.; D: 22 cm.

20 BCE to 70 CE

Jerusalem, Judaea. Mount Scopus, western slope.
Judaea. Jerusalem. Mount Scopus, western slope.

Not Available

zigzag frames (front of chest)
metopes (within frames)
encircled six-petalled rosettes (within metopes)
zigzag circles (encircling rosettes)
broadened triglyph (between metopes)
plant (triglyph)
ivy leaf (top of plant)

('IIP-119', 'page', '87')

('IIP-119', 'page', '87')

('IIP-119', 'page', '87')

    IIP-119 p. 87; p. plate 7, fig. 45; p. page 42, fig. 89 )

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