AHMA0001 Ahmadiyye, 200 CE - 450 CE. Architrave. Prayer.


[no diplomatic]
[לא] תמוש משמר [חוקותיו] [ומעשות] [מצוותיו]
[You shall not] stray from observing [his laws and doing his commandments].

The given transcription and translation, a portion of text in biblical style, were advanced by J. Naveh. Urman has proposed an alternate reading, suggesting that this inscription may be part of a list of twenty-four courses of the Levites who in the days of the Second Temple served in the work of the sanctuary together with the twenty-four courses of the Priests: "...משמר]ת מוש משמר[ת..." -- "...[the course] (of) Mush (the) course [(of)..." This architrave is typical of those found in synagogues of the third century. The decoration engraved in relief depicts a grapevine, with leaves and a cluster of grapes, issuing from a vase. Dimensions given refer to entire remainder of stone.


H: 56 cm.; W: 35 cm.; D: 23 cm. Letter Height: 7-9 cm.

200 CE to 450 CE

Ahmadiyye, Golan.
Discovered near the remains of a large building, in the North-West section of the city.


grapevine and vase (upper panel of the architrave)

Not available

('IIP-043', 'page', '89-90')

('IIP-043', 'page', '89-90')

    IIP-043 p. 89-90 )
    IIP-096 p. 25; insc. 109 )

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