Galilee. Hippos (Susita), 338 CE to 640 CE. Chancel Panel. Dedicatory.


ἐν χρSόνῳ Προκοπίου πρεσβυτέρου + +


In the time of Procopius, presbyter.



Terminus post quem:
Terminus ante quem:
At the end of the single line of Greek letters are carved two crosses, and between them an incised image of a two-handled vessel. The panel may well be in re-use in the church. On the reverse of the inscribed surface there is evidence of an attempt to erase a relief figure of a dolphin, and the image of the relief that appears in the panel beneath the inscription is not self-evidently Christian: a portal is crowned by a conch-shaped lintel, and hanging in the center of the doorway, suspended from entwined cables is a globe - perhaps meant to represent a lamp.




H: —; W: —; D: —


338 CE to 640 CE

Current location

In situ


  • Two crosses at the end of the line


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Other sources

  • Gregg, Robert C., and Dan Urman. Jews, Pagans, and Christians in the Golan Heights: Greek and Other Inscriptions of the Roman and Byzantine Eras. South Florida Studies in the History of Judaism 140. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1996.
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