Galilee. Sepphoris, 400 CE - 500 CE. Synagogue. Black and white floor mosaic. Dedication.


דכיר לטב יודן בר יצחק הכוהן ופריגרי ברתה אמן אמן


Remembered be for good Yudan son of Isaac the Priest and Parigri his daughter. Amen. Amen.


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These inscriptions were placed in the square panels appearing at the junctions between the circles that comprise the mosaic carpet in the northern aisle. The pattern suggests that there were originally thirteen dedicatory inscriptions in all. This one is preserved in its entirety. The combination of donors mentioned in this inscription, that of father and daughter, is not found elsewhere in the synagogue. The father "Yudan bar Isaac" is the only one, of all the people mentioned in the Sepphoris inscriptions, whose title ("priest") is included. The daughter's name, "Parigri," was not common among Jewish women, although the masculine counterpart was more frequently used.


Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic


H: 38 cm; W: 38 cm; D: —


400 CE to 500 CE

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Other sources

  • Weiss, Zeev. The Sepphoris Synagogue: Deciphering an Ancient Message through Its Archaeological and Socio-Historical Contexts. Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 2005.
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