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Jerusalem, 7th c. Mosaic. Building.


Ἐπὶ Σιλουανοῦ θεοφιλεστάτου διακόνου καὶ ἡγουμένου ἡ παροῦσα ψήφωσις ἐγένετο καὶ ἡ κόγχη καὶ ἡ προσθήκη τοῦ ναοῦ μίκους πήχεις ὕψους πήχεις Ϛ'. Μνήσθητι αὐτοῦ Κύριε ἐν τῇ βασιλίᾳ σοῦ.


In the days of Silvanus, the most God-loving deacon and abbot, the present mosaic(?) was made, and the apse and the annex of the church, for a length of … cubits and a height of 6 cubits. Remember him, o Lord, in Thy kingdom.


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H: 68 cm; W: 210 cm; D: —


601 CE to 700 CE

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Knesset Archaeological Garden


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